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Clear Instructions on how to participate in the Virtual Choir Video

  • ORMC Choir welcomes you to our web page.

  • Before starting Download and complete the Permission Form.

  • Learning the song, "Let There Be Peace On Earth"

    • Download and Print the Sheet music for words and music for "Let There Be Peace on Earth"



    • Use the MP3 "Guide Track" to learn the song.  Most people should sing the 1st video, the Melody, You can choose your guide track Column A with Click track or Column B with Orchestra. Whichever is easier to learn. Don't forget to clap! and SMILE!

    • This second recording is more difficult for those who want to sing the harmony part.

    • Notes for singers from the choir director: BEFORE SINGING (Practicing) Please read this – (Practice Good Habits!)

  • This song is really a prayer for peace. Please sing it with a flowing melody: not jazz or rock, excuse the expression more “churchy singing.” Yet keep a SMILE on your face in this prayer.


  • There are a lot of “E” sounds like “me, be, *family, *harmony, eternally, peace,” please think round and full balanced “E” rather than a nasal-spread thin “E” that some east coast people have. The E should be balanced not accented.

  • Middle Syllables: Please sing “*Fam -i-ly”: please DO NOT sing “Fam-uh-ly” . Also  sing “*Har-mo-ny” please do not sing “har-muh-ny”. Finally “E-ter-nal-ly” not “E-ter-nuh-ly”.

  • Breathing

  • We should all breathe at the same time, with phrases for example “Let there be peace on earth (Breathe) and let it begin with me (breathe)

  • (Bad) Please do not sing “Let (breathe) there be (breathe) peace, on (breathe) earth.


  • Thank you for reading this far.

  • Best wishes,

  • Dan Bradley

  • Preparing for making your own video download and read my instructions on how to set up your headphone, playboack device, and your cell phone to record your own video of you singing
  • How to upload your completed Video:
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